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  • Adventure of the Soul

    The Art of Listening to Life

    One great question that anyone can ask oneself at any given time and on any given topic is ‘How do you know?’ How can we be sure of anything? Science can answer some questions with various forms of proof. However on questions of faith, belief systems, feelings and the greater question of existence, there is no mathematical equation to confirm an answer. In most cases we keep searching and probing by consulting other people and getting feedback from our society at large. We look for support around us and we deepen our belief systems and convictions through these confirmations. “No Man is an Island”, “You can’t go it alone”, “We are not safe in isolation (Krishnamurti)”… the list of sayings stating this fact is a confirmation that human exchange is of utmost importance.

    Having said that; understanding is only possible from within ourselves. After gathering information and confirmations from our external reality, there is a need for the integration of all that is collected through our life experience; an integration that leads to a personal understanding. This applies to everything at every level of knowledge; whether it be the fact that ‘water is wet’ all the way to ‘we are not alone’; we only truly understand it through personal experience. Our own connection to a truth makes it a truth.

    Adventure of the Soul is a company of people offering confirmations. We present the circumstances of life in such a way that we can see each other in what is being experienced. The idea that we are reflections of one another runs much deeper than we think. We are constantly sharing our story with others in order to understand where it fits in this vast and complex world. Hollywood is a reflections factory that projects scenario after scenario of life’s challenges and life’s victories. The more we see ourselves in a story or in the images of a movie and the more we can relate it to our own experience, the more success it has. Sharing our common challenges and our victories gives us hope. It confirms our options, our routes of navigation, our belief systems and it offers solutions, new thought processes, and ways to overcome what may seem like a set-back or a trial in our own life.

    Adventure of the Soul is a platform that does that through sharing examples of how people face and navigate life’s challenges, which in turn helps us get through our own. After 20 years of writings and workshops Joseph has come up with many stories in which people can see themselves; stories in which we can see ourselves. Once we see ourselves in the common human experience we can take solace in the fact that we are not alone in our trials and tribulations. We can begin to see that life is really not a set of problems to solve but a series of experiences to go through and to feel. This in turn leads us to personal growth and evolution. That leads us to an easier and more pleasant journey through life.

    Adventure of the Soul is a look at how life communicates with us through events and occurrences. There are a whole range of things that happen to us on a daily basis that we have trouble understanding. It can range from a physical sensation, a strong emotion, a strange coincidence, a setback, a trip, a fall, a sprain, an injury, all the way to major pain and disease. There is always a message framed in the situation. In Adventure of the Soul we like to call it the gift. The gift needs to be found and then integrated. Most occurrences or symptoms that manifest themselves in our lives are there to show us something. The circumstances usually point to something that is going on in our life; perhaps something that needs to be changed and almost always something that needs to be dealt with on an emotional, energetic, mental and/or spiritual level.

    Many people prefer to just believe that whatever just happened or whatever is happening to them is random. The idea that stuff just happens to us or that we just happen to be there at that particular time is an easy way out of having to face the fact that we are actually creators of our reality. To think that we are creating everything around us and everything that happens to us can be a little overwhelming. The brain has trouble accepting the idea that it could be responsible for what is happening to the body in which it resides; especially if it is something bad. Another easy way to get out of accepting the idea that we are creators of our own reality is in asking the question; why would I create pain for myself? Why would I injure myself, generate discomfort or have a disease?

    These are all good questions. However the fact is that our lives are a lot more than just the physical body and the mind. Although our mind might lead us to believe we know who we are, it is often not the case. The brain is a conduit for consciousness. It does not inherently know what to do with the self that powers it. The mind assigns itself a lot of importance because it has a lot of information and computing skills for carrying out the complex operations of our daily lives. Carrying out a person’s life adds up to a monumental number of operations. We are so impressed by the brain’s ability and function that we have trouble seeing beyond it.

    There is a higher-self telling that brain and ego what to do. It is this dialogue with the eternal self, the soul if you will, where most people find the greatest challenge. Who’s talking? There are two sources for thought! One comes from our own archives, our own brain, mind and personal experience. The other source is channeled from Source, Spirit, Soul, God or Universal Consciousness. There are only two sources; internal and external. Although ‘external’ in this case is infinitely ‘internal’! Whatever vocabulary one chooses to describe it depends on one’s education, background and viewed through the filters of a paradigm. Humans make paradigms with the vast quantity of information provided by the TWO sources. The one being learned and rationally calculated and the other being felt, channeled and sensed. There in lies the foundation of separation and duality; however there in lies total understanding as well.

    Adventure of the Soul is also a practical approach to understanding how some of our patterns of response develop along with answers of how to re-pattern, renovate and move past the limitations that these patterns can represent in our lives.

    When we associate suffering with a certain experience, we attempt to disconnect from the sensation in order to not feel it so much. We somehow think that if we cross our arms, tighten up our stomach muscles and breathe really shallow that we will not feel it as much and therefore suffer less. When this method of bracing ourselves for the impact has a temporary effect that seems to offer some level of protection, then it becomes a pattern of response. With that pattern of response we lose our connection to our own body by tensing up in an attempt to protect ourselves or in an attempt to feel less. In this process of denying ourselves the full experience of feeling these emotions, there is a buildup of energy that is not dissipated or released. An emotion carries energy! In time, that build up will manifest itself in various physical ways. Putting our finger on how physical conditions are connected to our life path is what Adventure of the Soul is all about.

    More than a finger pointing at our guilt in creating a certain condition in our life, Adventure of the Soul is a book of technics for becoming a more conscious creator and getting into touch with the intuitions and the heart impulses that point us in the right direction. Joseph Soler demonstrates through narratives and various examples how to interpret the signs that Life gives us on a continual basis. There is meaning in everything that happens to us and there are messages in every coincidence and synchronicity that we encounter.

    Instead of being told to listen to your heart, Adventure of the Soul is a guide to how it is done. The Art of listening to Life is how we make the Adventure of our Soul more meaningful as well as more enjoyable.

    Excerpt from Page 111: The Body Lives in the Present

    The rational mind lives in time, the body lives in the moment. Everything that is stored in the subconscious is also stored somewhere in our body and can manifest itself or be expressed or re-experienced in some way through physical recall. When a certain situation presents itself in our daily life, a feeling or emotion sprouts from the subconscious. The body will experience that emotion ‘now’, in the present. It can seem like there is no apparent connection between what is going on in the present and the emotion that has appeared. This is what is happening when for example a person has an emotional reaction that seems disproportionate to the situation. Unresolved experiences stored in the subconscious will surface in the form of a feeling or an emotion, yet the link between the present event and the feeling may not be clear. Sometimes we can enjoy the moment without thinking about why we are feeling a certain way; however there are other times when we feel bad and we can’t identify the reason for feeling that way…

    Welcome to the Adventure.