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  • Welcome to the Adventure!

    Yes, life is made up of many adventures, but our focus is on the adventure of the soul. We are talking about our main adventure; the one we come here to experience as spiritual beings, experiencing a temporary physical form in this beautiful dimension. Our bodies register everything that ever happens to us, and it also has messages for us. Messages that we need to recognize, decipher and integrate into our lives in order to achieve a smoother ride.

    The Art of Listening to Life is about awakening our ability to hear our inner voice. That voice is instant, it is expressed within seconds of a question or an occurrence. People with sharp instincts are often in tune with that inner voice and they make good snap decisions because they are connected to what their body and soul is telling them. The wisdom of the body is untapped by many and ignored by most. The desires of the soul are ignored by many and a mystery to most.

    Human interaction is what we are here to do. It is how we learn, how we grow and evolve through this life journey.

                                              We are not safe in isolation……………… Krishnamurty

    Interaction with others will ensure a constant flow of challenges and situations to overcome. We are on a great life adventure. Spirit drives us, but we have a challenge to deal with; life can’t speak to us in conventional Language. The messages come to us through signs, signals, situations, feelings, gut feelings, injury, setbacks, coincidences and synchronicities. If we listen well, we can maintain a smooth journey, much like making the adjustments on a sailboat in order to maintain smooth sailing.

    Adventure of the Soul, our organization, expands on the idea of a body/mind/soul connection. Whatever is occurring in your life means something. The body does not generate random symptoms and conditions without a reason. Finding the reason and integrating the information contained in the message, can have a great effect in steering your ship.

                                                                  Again, Welcome to the Adventure!

    Mr. Joseph Soler

    Marcus Dupuis

    Marcus Dupuis is the creator of Relaxation One and the translator of "The Art of LIstening to Life". Relaxation One is a smartphone application that is a gateway to self awareness through practices, meditation, binaural and brain entrainment soundtracks and various seeds of inspiration. He translated "The Art of Listening to Life" from Spanish to English and is the narrator of the Audio Book. Joseph and Marcus have had a long friendship and found themselves working in the same field and having the same understanding of how to decipher Life’s messages. They lead workshops on connecting to the message of a setback or an illness. How do we find and connect with our Soul purpose? Being aligned with our purpose, makes our life journey a smoother ride. 

    Marcus is in charge of the North American presence of Adventure of the Soul and the designer of the ultimate relaxation App, "Relaxation One". Workshops are offered in Canada, the US and Mexico. Check our schedule for an event that could work for you. Events can also be found in our Relaxation App for iPhone and Android devices. Marcus is available to speak at public events and conferences.

    Marcus also hosts "Perceptions", a radio program that investigates various aspects of the human experience through interviews with authors, specialists and luminaries in their respective fields. Hear more at PerceptionsRadio.com  

    Please contact us for more information.

    Mr. Marcus Dupuis

    Joseph Soler

    Joseph Soler is the author of "The Art of Listening to Life", a paradigm shifting book on the nature of navigating the journey of life, and understanding the connection between the body and the mind. Joseph brings soul to the mind/body connection. He was born in Barcelona and has been lecturing and leading workshops for more than 20 years. He has studied several Eastern Philosophies such as Chinese Medicine, Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism and Meditation. His studies were brought on by a chronic should pain that doctors claimed was incurable. After years of study he healed the chronic shoulder pain, which disappeared without a trace. Joseph went on to co-author a best selling book called "Medicine of the Soul", a book about the connection between our body, what the body is expressing through symptoms and various conditions, and the life that we are leading. “Medicine of the Soul”, became a best seller in Spanish, with over 100,000 copies sold.

    Joseph has now dedicated over 20 years of his life to understanding and sharing the creative process that life is. His studies of the Neurosciences helped him develop new understandings, which integrate the soul into the practice of mind-body medicine. He is also a collaborator with Universities in Spain and Chile. He leads workshops in Spain, North America and South America. Marcus Dupuis assists him in teaching whenever possible. Please have a look at Events to see where we are teaching next!